Follow Stacey Morrison’s personal journey of discovery – balancing a busy lifestyle, whilst being a mother of 3 young children, wife, radio and TV presenter.

Beez goes to the physio


Beez visits Justin Lopes, a physiotherapist, and learns about how to take care of the body post-injury.

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Jenny-May learns about dealing with boisterous boys


J-May and Dean talk to expert Jenny Hale of The Parenting Place about their boisterous boys and how to manage their behaviour.

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Simple Apple Slice and Orange Chocolate Shots by Jo Seagar


The legendary Jo Seagar graced the Whānau Living kāuta to create two delicious, decadent desserts: a Simple Apple Slice with mixed spice and fresh cream and Orange Chocolate Shots with...

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How to make magnetic frames


Maihi teaches us a cool way to hang our works of art around the home; with homemade magnetic frames!

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How to attract and feed bees


SAVE THE BEES! Nicola shows us how to leave a little gift for hungry bees.

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Prosciutto and Vege Borek by Sam Mannering

WLS5 E25 CK26.01 09 35 13.Still001

Stacey welcomes Sam Mannering back to the Whānau Living kāuta and he whips up a gorgeous Prosciutto and Vege Borek!

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How to maintain your hedges

WLS5 E25 GAR11.01 04 12 23.Still002

Nic gives us some quick tips and tricks on how to maintain those pesky hedges on Whānau Living!

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How to decorate your dog kennel

WLS5 E25 CR13.01 03 58 20.Still001

Dougie put together the dog kennel for Jenny-May and now it's time for Maihi to put his creative spin on it!

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Nicola visits the Waitakere Refuse Station's Zero Waste Zone

WLS5 E24 COM03.01 00 03 10.Still001

Nicola visits the amazing local refuse station to discuss the importance of recycling and repurposing all products (STOP BUYING NEW THINGS!) as well as the station's goal of achieving zero...

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How to assemble a dog kennel

WLS5 E24 DIY06.01 02 51 02.Still001

Jenny-May and Dean have just adopted a new kūri, Millie!! So Dougie decides to whip up a simple dog kennel for the new addition to the whānau!

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