About the Series

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Hi I’m Stacey Morrison.   I’ve got three kids, a crazy busy work schedule and….well… not a lot of work life balance.  So I’m on a quest, for clever cheats and ideas to survive living a busy life.  Join me as I consult with experts and friends… on Whānau Living. The first series Whānau Living TV series played on TVONE in 2014 then was repeated a couple of times on TVNZ and Māori Television.  We have produced 4 series and a total of 140 episodes.

The fifth series of Whānau Living is currently being produced and is likely to start broadcasting in early Feb 2018 on TVONE.

Whānau Living focuses on Stacey Morrison’s personal journey of discovery on how to balance a busy lifestyle, while being a mother of 3 young children, wife, radio and TV presenter. Stacey has a number of friends and guests that appear on the series to guide and assist her.   She reveals tips for making life fun, real and stylish, while offering a candid look inside her home and daily life. Some of New Zealand’s leading restaurant chefs help teach Stacey how to create family-friendly recipes in under 20 minutes from kitchen to plate with everything from Raw Food, Mexican, Japanese, European to Māori inspired cuisine. We share strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with fitness and well-being segments presented by Beez Ngarino Te Waati- one of New Zealand’s top fitness trainers.  We feature Capoeira, Yoga, Acupunture, Bokwa, Hot Hula, Salsa and others in an attempt to make exercise and well being less of a chore. We get handy solutions on beautifying your home and garden with the guidance of award winning landscape gardener Meg Kane.  Her ideas are easy, down-to-earth and real. Stacey also works with designer Maihi Makiha in creating simple yet beautiful craft ideas for the home and gifts.  They provide shortcuts to creating the most beautiful adornments and home ware.  Carla Tonga helps with DIY Projects around the home in making them easy to understand and complete. And Jenny-May Clarkson takes us on her personal family journey with her pregnancy with twins and also shows us how to care for our pets. Throughout the series, Stacey offers a sense of trying to achieve a balanced busy life - something all household viewers can appreciate. 

On our Whānau Living website you will find video clips from the TV series and downloadable recipes or instructions.


Most of the still photos used in our website have been shot by Carolyn Sylvester, www.sylvestertv.net or Faanati Mamea.