Archive: 21/01/2018

Adopt a Greyhound


Jenny-May Clarkson looks at the world of pet adoption and meets a family who chose to adopt a greyhound.

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Up-cycling Outdoor furniture


Craft guru Maihi Makiha shows Stacey step-by-step techniques to up-cycle a second-hand outdoor setting, that needs restoring, and together they transform the rusty unwanted furniture back to beautiful.

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Kiri te Caravan's Interior Renovation Continues


Kiri-te-Carvan’s interior renovation continues when craft expert Maihi gets a helping hand from Ngaio Bray who shows him how to line Kiri's interior, and the gorgeous new squabs arrive.

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Beez tries Anti Gravity Yoga


Resident fitness guy Beez Ngarino is spinning and flipping his way to flexibility and fitness when Eleanor Mills introduces him to Anti Gravity Yoga, a new kind of workout that’s...

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