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Kiri-te-Caravan's Interior Renovation nears completion


Kiri-te-Caravan’s interior renovations are almost complete as Maihi Makiha and Caravan Expert Jason Bray work together installing the venetian blinds and finish off the interior woodwork.

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Kiri te Caravan's Interior Renovation Continues


Kiri-te-Carvan’s interior renovation continues when craft expert Maihi gets a helping hand from Ngaio Bray who shows him how to line Kiri's interior, and the gorgeous new squabs arrive.

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Maihi creates a mood board for 'Kiri te Caravan'


Stacey and craft expert Maihi create a mood-board for ‘Kiri-te-Caravan’s' interior design and exterior colour scheme, and the work begins with prepping and painting.

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Kiri te Caravan gets a warrant and comes home


Maihi checks out how Kiri-te-Caravan is looking and joins Jason to take her to the Vehicle Testing Station, for a warrant of fitness. Then it’s time to bring her home.

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Maihi gives Kiri-te-Caravan a new floor


Kiri-te-Caravan needs a new floor and craft expert Maihi knows exactly how to get Kiri on her way to looking gorgeous.

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Kiri te Caravan’s renovations continue


Maihi gives Jason a helping hand with Kiri-te-Caravan's renovations and checks out her new roof and lights.

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Introducing Kiri te Caravan!

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Craft expert Maihi takes Stacey to visit Kiri-the-Caravan, a 1960’s retro caravan that needs some love and attention. Maihi plan's to bring Kiri back to her former glory.

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