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How to take great photos of your pets


Jenny-May gets tips from professional photographer, Kirsty Antunovich on how to take great photos of your pets.

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Helpful accessories for your dog


Jenny-May meets with Julie Paterson from Pets Everywear about the best accessories for your dogs.

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Kunekune pigs as family pets


Jenny-May visits two local members of the NZ Kunekune Association to learn about Kunekune pigs as family pets.

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Jenny-May Clarkson visits The Cat Lounge


Jenny-May Clarkson visits NZ's first cat cafe, The Cat Lounge in Glenfield.

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Understanding and training dogs


Luci and Alex teach us how to understand and train our pups!

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Visiting Farm Animals


Jenny-May Clarkson takes the Morrison whānau on a special trip to visit Kiwi Valley Farm where they feed and interact with a variety of big and small farm animals.

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Adopt a Greyhound


Jenny-May Clarkson looks at the world of pet adoption and meets a family who chose to adopt a greyhound.

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Guinea Pigs for a family pet


Jenny-May takes a look at guinea pigs for a family pet and meets Hartley Holder a young woman who rescues and re-homes them.

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A reptile for a family pet


Jenny-May takes a look into the curious world of reptiles to discover these friendly little creatures are quite surprising and becoming a popular choice for a family pet.

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How to combine your fitness routine with walking a dog


Beez Ngarino demonstrates how to create a daily exercise routine whilst walking a dog. It’s a healthy habit that everyone can get into!

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